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Aurora Max Sunflower F1

Sunline Ag

Aurora Max Sunflower F1

  • Day-length neutral
  • Pollen-less
  • Orange petals arranged in two to three overlapping rows
  • Possesses a vivid green-yellow disk
  • Year round seeding in no frost area conditions
  • Requires good sunlight intensity, and average temperature of 15-20 C°
  • Maturity: Summer 50-60 days, Autumn-Winter 85-100 days
  • Rigid, non-branching stems
  • Stem Length: 1.50-2.10m
  • Large flowers
  • Small leaves below the flower. Allows for easy de-leafing.
  • life vase Excellent vase life
  • EACH BAG IS 10,000 SEEDS

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