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Artichoke Imperial Star Tavor

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Artichoke Imperial Star Tavor

Imperial Star Tavor Artichokes are thornless, have a nice green uniform globe round shape, excellent quality for eating, tending to be noticeably sweeter and tenderer than other artichoke varieties. Can be planted and harvested in one season. The artichoke is a rich source of vitamin C, folate, dietary fiber, and a multitude of minerals. A single artichoke is actually an unopened flower bud from a thistle-like plant. Each green cone-shaped bud consists of several parts: overlapping outer leaves that are tough and inedible at the tip, but fleshy and tender at the base; an inedible choke, or thistle, which is enclosed within a light-colored cone of immature leaves; and a round, firm-fleshed base. This meaty base--called the "heart," is the part that you work your way toward when eating a large artichoke. For best sweet flavor it should be harvested at 12 cm. (4.5") diameter. Average yield, 16-20 tons/hectare (6-8 Tons/acre, based on direct seedling results in California). Perennial Compact very large plants, can be spaced 40 cm (18") apart in rows 120-150 cm. (3'-5') apart, Starting production from transplants is recommended, rather than direct seeding, allowing for better uniformity, earlier planting season and much easier mechanical weed control. About 85-95 days from planting to harvest. Keeping good sanitation and with favorable weather condition the plantation, maintains vigorous yield for 3 - 4 years.

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